Archives for April 2013

All the Ants in Town

Imagine all of your aunts coming into town all at once. It could be quite a scene. Probably lots of coffee or perhaps margaritas might be called for and plenty of business would certainly be about, times all that by over a thousand and you have an ant infestation on your hands instead. It is […]

Bedbugs in Martinsville: A Growing Concern

Bedbugs are best when we just don’t get them. Yet staying at a hotel on vacation, visiting the library, kids coming home from school, shopping at our favorite retailer, and more are ever so quickly becoming all too easy avenues for what can be our worst fears come true. So what do we know about […]

Don’t Buy Bug Zappers

Lots to get ready for in spring and garden products are flying off the shelves. Bug zappers are a product that Morgan County Pest Control does not recommend (not even as a gift for neighbors, which we sometimes joke about in Indiana). First of all, 90% of insects are considered beneficial or just doing no […]

What’s Bugging You in Martinsville?

It’s springtime again, and this year your local exterminators are coming back in a big way! We’ll be featuring a new interactive website where our customers or anyone curious will find ways to contact us with any questions and our blog loaded with hints and advice. We’ve had 20 years experience in Morgan County and […]