All the Ants in Town

Imagine all of your aunts coming into town all at once. It could be quite a scene. Probably lots of coffee or perhaps margaritas might be called for and plenty of business would certainly be about, times all that by over a thousand and you have an ant infestation on your hands instead. It is a hardly comparable nuisance indeed and one that we can help you with at Morgan County Pest Control. Already we’ve gotten plenty of calls about ants in your area and have identified new infestations of ants ranging from Carpenter Ants to Pavement Ants with various species in between and spring has just sprung! Of course, we always offer a safe, economical program that is guaranteed to get rid of your ants and tailored to each client’s individual circumstances. Many of our clients have inquired about ways to help us help them and we recommend some general ant tips. These tips include: keeping trash cans clean and away from infested areas, leaving pet food down for only a certain amount of time and removing it, putting food away in sealed containers and free from countertops and tables, removing piles of papers or stacked bags as they provide nesting sites, and always trying to eliminate excess moisture such as leaks or damp crawlspaces. Our friendly exterminators are trained to look for any ways to help our clients on-site. Of course, do not use other insecticides or strong cleaners near areas that have been treated for ants. Together, we’ll send those ants a marchin’! As for the uncles… well, that’s a whole other blog!