About Us

Morgan County Pest Control has been setting the bar for excellence in pest management since 1993. We are a family-owned and operated company with a commitment to service. Our service doesn’t rely on the strength of ironclad contracts — we let our work stand on its own merit, namely a pest free environment.

Relationships and Service Matter

We rely on our relationship with the customer, and the subsequent satisfaction of service that follows.

It is our mission to develop a direct line of communication between you and our technicians. Based on the joint findings, we look at problems related to pests and why they exist, not just applying pesticides to resolve a problem. Also, we address structural and sanitation concerns to stop problems from reoccurring.

It is our intent to use as little pesticides as possible in achieving a pest free environment. Eco-friendly products can be used when doing an application, but the time to correct the problem is also extended.

Eliminate Pests All Year Long!

Is something bugging you? Our Power Spray Program will get rid of the pests in your life throughout the year, call (765) 342-2546 today.