Termite Control

Treatment to Kill the Colony

Termites can be treated with chemicals or bait stations. After a treatment the termites are gone within 60 days.

The non-repellent chemical is applied in a continuous band around the foundation and as the termites crawl through the chemical on their way to your house, they pick up the chemical and reapply it to other termites in the colony, killing off the colony.

Springtime is Termite Time

Termites are active 24/7/365. Once the weather changes termite swarms can occur on the inside of a house and also on the outside of the property.

These insect reproductives or Alates are attracted by warmth and a light source. Their wings drop off and they attempt to find an opening in the soil to pair off and mate thus forming a new colony.

Termite Colony Thrives on Cellulose in Wood

TermitesThis new colony of worker termites are white small insects that look similar to a fly maggot. These workers are then in search of products containing cellulose such as paper, cardboard, particle board, wood, etc., which they in turn share with the existing colony. This activity is what results in structural damage.

Eliminate Terminites Now!

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