Bedbug Heat Treatment is Highly Effective and Environmentally Safe for Martinsville & Morgan County

Morgan County Pest Control now has the ability to perform thermal remediation to eliminate bedbugs. This process will kill all stages of the insect. It is a highly effective bedbug treatment. We have a box truck that has mounted inside a diesel generator capable of running 12 independent electric heaters. Using electric heat to exterminate […]

Say Say Say

Currently, there is no Indiana State Insect. Many come to mind as candidates… However, there is proposed legislation to name Pyractomena angulate (common name: Say’s Firefly) the new Indiana State Insect. It is altogether fitting and exciting! Say’s Firefly was first described by Thomas Say who is considered the father of American Entomology. Say was […]

The Beesness of Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps share a lot in common. More common species of both have the ability to sting and often they can build scientifically (and geometrically) fascinating nests. Most people in Indiana just refer to them all as bees- that is fine by us because we will take care of anything pestering our clients. However, […]

Bedbugs in School

In a recent survey from the National Pest Management Association, 41% of pest control professionals indicate encountering bedbugs in schools and daycare centers. Unfortunately, bedbug numbers are on the rise. As back to school time is here, we’ve included these TIPS to prevent bedbugs coming home from school. INSPECT FOR BEDBUGS These reddish-insects are about […]

Flea Circus

Our office has been inundated with calls about fleas and indeed it has been a bad year for them. The first thing any pest control company will tell you about fleas is that IT TAKES 21 DAYS TO KILL FLEAS AFTER YOU TREAT FOR THEM! This is true throughout the industry because even if all […]

Flying Ants or Termites?

As an exterminator, I am often asked the difference between ant swarms and termite swarms. Indeed, the two look very much alike. A good way to tell them apart is at their waist. If the individual insect has a pinched waist, it is most likely an ant. If it looks to not have a waist […]

Like Lightning

Magical summers have lazy vacations, barbeques, 4th of July fireworks, and fireflies. As a child, it seemed the firefly’s light shows could rival the fireworks – but not so this year. There just seemed to be a myriad more fireflies in my younger days compared to now. Was this true? Have the fireflies been disappearing? […]

Bedbugs (Expecto Patronum)

The June bug hath a gaudy wing, The lightning bug a flame, The bedbug hath no wing at all But he gets there just the same. Bedbugs do not have wings at any stage of their life. Still, just as the old saying goes, the bedbugs have gotten to Morgan County just the same. It […]

Tick Talk

Living in southern Indiana, we all have our fair share of the woods, eventually. We don’t get too far into the warm months without starting to wonder how bad the ticks are going to be this year and perhaps a refresher on the subject would prove helpful to all. In Indiana, there are numerous species […]

Hoosier Daddy

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! A special thanks to all the dads and granddads out there! We know that often it was they who smashed that stray spider horrifying the family or came to the rescue for a bee sting. We salute dads because we think you are all grand! Being from Indiana and from a […]