The Musts of Mosquitos

Here at Morgan County Pest Control, we care about your welfare. So far this year, Indiana has seen colder temperatures this spring that has so far warded off the mosquitos. However, studies in your area are already being conducted to determine how the mosquito larvae in the area are developing. Indeed, mosquitos in Indiana are of great concern. County health officials have already recommended that residents search for any source of standing water that might be present. Unused flower pots, buckets, cans, plastic bags and so on can be hidden sources of a potential threat. Since 1999, West Nile Virus (transferred from mosquitos) has caused: 30,000 U.S. infections and 1,200 U.S. deaths according to the World Health Organization. As always, your local pest control professionals recommend applying some sort of bug repellent at least an hour before dusk as that is the most active time for mosquitos and pay attention to labels. If, for instance, the label claims 10 hour protection, make sure one applies as directed. Of course, most mosquito bites do not result in West Nile Virus, they do, however, itch like a dickens and in that case, applying rubbing alcohol (50% or above) does do much to relieve itching, in fact, most of the expensive anti-itch products that come in tubes and such are simply that and so some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls are the perfect additions to any camp-out go-to kit.
The pupa of Toxorhynchites Speciosus a “friendly” mosquito that does not bite and preys on other mosquitos in the aquatic stage is a good ally to root for and a happy reminder that not all bugs are bad and most beneficial, in fact. Still, keep your local pest control professionals in mind this season. Our power spray program (or any at all) cannot guarantee absolutely any mosquitos but many of our clients have claimed much relief. As always, we’re here for all of your pest concerns. In addition, we’d like to share just another fun mosquito fact. Catnip (found wild in Indiana), is considered a natural mosquito deterrent and has been found to be 10X more effective than most Deet products. So, when dusk rolls around, rub on some good ole’ catnip – get protected from mosquitos and get to be the cat’s meow!