Bedbugs in Martinsville: A Growing Concern

Bedbugs are best when we just don’t get them. Yet staying at a hotel on vacation, visiting the library, kids coming home from school, shopping at our favorite retailer, and more are ever so quickly becoming all too easy avenues for what can be our worst fears come true. So what do we know about bedbugs? They are the ultimate hitchhikers. They find a way on our bags and clothing and walk their way into our beds or favorite resting spots. They like to take a blood meal when things are quiet and settled down, quite finicky creatures. However, bedbugs are highly attracted to human scent and breath, a survival tactic since our blood is their bread and butter. They don’t jump like fleas but bedbugs do walk and climb and one can do so for up to a year without feeding, making them highly adaptable and a serious concern. So what can be done? Preventing bedbugs is a lifestyle. Making sure the family doesn’t just come home and throw purses and backpacks on beds and lie down in school and work clothes. Clothes aren’t just thrown around the room (even new clothes). Special consideration for things like laptops, etc. and borrowed library books, movie rentals, and any bags must be taken. Still, the numbers have shown that even the most carful are at risk as bedbugs are numerous and determined.
Twenty minutes dry in a dryer will kill a bedbug. Our exterminators take precautions against bedbugs such as gathering laundry together in one area and frequency of washings and extra drying and recommend the same for all of our clients, always. Hotels are a particular worry (so are airlines and so on). Our office manager, Marianne, has great tips, like keeping clothes in the bathroom and inspecting for tiny tick-looking creatures in cracks in crevices. Don’t let the bedbugs bite back home again in Indiana! Bedbug occurrences have only increased in our country and counties. Morgan County Pest Control has an effective, affordable, and safe pest control program where we work one on one with our clients using top of the line techniques to rid any infestation. A bedbug problem can happen to anyone so let your local professionals help, because we’re all in this together!