Don’t Buy Bug Zappers

Lots to get ready for in spring and garden products are flying off the shelves. Bug zappers are a product that Morgan County Pest Control does not recommend (not even as a gift for neighbors, which we sometimes joke about in Indiana). First of all, 90% of insects are considered beneficial or just doing no harm to humans. Most of these are flying and attracted to lights. So most of the bugs you will be zapping don’t really harm you. There is one that can be harmful just because of the zapper and that’s the June bug. In Indiana, these are slightly pesty because they buzz and can get big and bash into lights but the adult June bug doesn’t bite or suck blood, however, they do lay eggs that hatch grubs. Often, they’ll lay those eggs near a bug zapper and next year the surrounding lawn and grass roots will be subject to the grubs hardy appetites (something to horrify any neighbor). Still, surely it’s helping out the battle just a little by zapping all those bugs and generally one feels good that there’s plenty of bug carnage around – well, at Morgan County Pest Control we feel the same passion. So let us target your real pests, give you a good deal (and be truly grateful neighbors)!