What’s Bugging You in Martinsville?

It’s springtime again, and this year your local exterminators are coming back in a big way! We’ll be featuring a new interactive website where our customers or anyone curious will find ways to contact us with any questions and our blog loaded with hints and advice. We’ve had 20 years experience in Morgan County and know that April showers and May flowers bring the pests in Indiana. Let the experts help you today! So many customers love our spring/summer/fall powerspray program. We rid your home of those creepy-crawlies. Bugs like ants, centepedes, pill bugs, spiders, and all for only $285.00 a year! Remember, you are covered for the whole year (even against rodents) and all callbacks are free! Give us a call to get started. We offer other specials as well and our customers can always rely on our inexpensive but effective pest control services! Stay tuned and don’t let those pests bug you this year!