The Beesness of Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps share a lot in common. More common species of both have the ability to sting and often they can build scientifically (and geometrically) fascinating nests. Most people in Indiana just refer to them all as bees- that is fine by us because we will take care of anything pestering our clients. However, there are some simple ways to tell the difference between them and this can be helpful to know as many bees can be beneficial to the environment because they are good pollinators and stinging varieties only sting once. In contrast, stinging wasps can sting multiple times and therefore run a greater risk of causing anaphylactic shock which can be deadly in some humans.

If you ever come across bees or wasps, think about how to get away calmly and quickly. DO NOT SWAT OR TRY TO ATTACK BEES OR WASPS! Doing so will cause them to be more aggressive and they might also release a chemical which alerts other members of their hives to become more agitated. If you find you are stung by a bee or wasp (bees usually leave the stinger and hind end in the skin, while wasps do not), please (remove stinger by scraping with sharp edge i.e. credit card), wash the area (ice and aspirin are ok for adults), and monitor your symptoms. If you have a history of anaphylactic shock or show signs of it (shortness of breath, chest pain, swelling in the neck, dizziness, nausea or vomiting) PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY AND INFORM THOSE AROUND YOU OF YOUR CONDITION! It is best to LEAVE bees and wasps, and their nests ALONE! Instead, leave it up to the experts-US!

You can be an expert at telling the difference between bees and wasps. While flying, wasps tend to let their back legs dangle in midair – while bees tuck them under as to not be seen. While at rest, wasps keep their wings streamline with their body – a bee keeps its wings out to the side. Wasps are most usually shiny -while bees often seem to have fur (which is why they are good pollinators). Wasps are commonly more aggressive than bees -unfortunate, since they can sting more. We hope this comes in handy impressing your friends or for a trivia game and still recommend that you STAY AWAY FROM BEES AND WASPS! Whatever you do – don’t do this!… Aug/2013. Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend! We hope all your picnics are bee and wasp free!