Hoosier Daddy

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! A special thanks to all the dads and granddads out there! We know that often it was they who smashed that stray spider horrifying the family or came to the rescue for a bee sting. We salute dads because we think you are all grand!
Being from Indiana and from a family-run pest control company we can’t get through this holiday without celebrating the Grand Daddy Long Legs. There have been quite a few myths surrounding this creature. Often referred to as spiders and in the Arachnid family, they are not actually true spiders and belong to the order Opiliones, making them more closely related to mites than spiders. They do not have silk glands and do not produce webs. They also do not liquefy their food with venom like spiders.
As a young camper in southern Indiana, tales around the fire were that Daddy Long Legs were extremely venomous and to close your mouth when sleeping because they could craw in your mouth and kill you. Although it is estimated that humans consume up to one hundred insects a year while asleep, swallowing a grand daddy long legs could not cause death on the top bunk. They do not have venom glands and do not produce venom. Some say their fangs are just too small to bite humans, but in fact, they do not have fangs at all. Instead, they use 3-jointed mouth organs like a claw to eat.
Often, they are foragers coming out at night, eating decomposing animal and plant matter. Sometimes they are even called Harvestmen. They are carnivorous, eating living organisms but mostly sticking with plant matter and juices. They do not bite humans and are not to be feared. Still, many just find all bugs a general nuisance and of course we’ve got the answer for you.
Our power-spray program is in full swing this year and all are guaranteed pest-free and safe.
It is never too late for that last-minute Father’s Day gift that keeps giving all year long and ensures Dad won’t be bugged. For those who are curious about other tips to reduce Grand Daddy Long Legs populations, please call us today. As always, our trained technicians work tirelessly to stay on top of all the latest pest control techniques. Dad always said that he loved to make clients happy just that much more than killing bugs-so give us a buzz!