Bug Music in Morgan County

Bugs are always music to our ears here at Morgan County Pest Control because they give us the opportunity to grow our symphony of satisfied customers. Throughout human history, bugs have always inspired the arts such as literature and movies, even some early cave paintings in France have depictions of humans gathering honey. When it […]

Thanksgiving for the Insect Genus Magicicada or Pass the Wild Turkey

In the states north-east of here they have emerged, listen closely we could probably almost hear them. Not really, but it is probably pretty loud indeed! Here in Indiana we call them locusts but that is a misnomer for locusts belong to the taxonomic order Orthoptera (like crickets and grasshoppers). Cicadas belong to the order […]

The Bug Files

Insects have been on planet Earth 400 million years ago – that’s 200 million years before the dinosaurs! In all that time, insects have had a head start building up adaptations and methods of species survival that continue to awe (and pester) humans. Even today, research continues on insects because they still remain mysterious and […]

Trust Us First Martinsville

Once, I showed up at a client’s house for mice. During inspection, I began to notice how this poor lady had a Riddex plugged into nearly every outlet around her home. The mice seemed to be dancing to its tune. Obviously, it was a colossal waste of money. I even told her to go ahead […]

The Musts of Mosquitos

Here at Morgan County Pest Control, we care about your welfare. So far this year, Indiana has seen colder temperatures this spring that has so far warded off the mosquitos. However, studies in your area are already being conducted to determine how the mosquito larvae in the area are developing. Indeed, mosquitos in Indiana are […]

All the Ants in Town

Imagine all of your aunts coming into town all at once. It could be quite a scene. Probably lots of coffee or perhaps margaritas might be called for and plenty of business would certainly be about, times all that by over a thousand and you have an ant infestation on your hands instead. It is […]

Bedbugs in Martinsville: A Growing Concern

Bedbugs are best when we just don’t get them. Yet staying at a hotel on vacation, visiting the library, kids coming home from school, shopping at our favorite retailer, and more are ever so quickly becoming all too easy avenues for what can be our worst fears come true. So what do we know about […]

Don’t Buy Bug Zappers

Lots to get ready for in spring and garden products are flying off the shelves. Bug zappers are a product that Morgan County Pest Control does not recommend (not even as a gift for neighbors, which we sometimes joke about in Indiana). First of all, 90% of insects are considered beneficial or just doing no […]

What’s Bugging You in Martinsville?

It’s springtime again, and this year your local exterminators are coming back in a big way! We’ll be featuring a new interactive website where our customers or anyone curious will find ways to contact us with any questions and our blog loaded with hints and advice. We’ve had 20 years experience in Morgan County and […]

Pest Inspection and Follow-up Lead to Removal of Cockroaches and Other Common Household Pests

One of the most important elements needed for the successful removal of cockroaches and other common household pests is a careful and complete inspection of the building, along with proper and continual follow-up procedures. The initial or cleanout treatments to exterminate roaches must eliminate about 95% of the colony for typical ongoing maintenance to succeed […]